Ms Chew Siew Kheng

First Vice-President:

Ms Pamela Rachel Kwan Ka Foong

Second Vice-President:

Ms Lina Wee Mei Ling

Honorary Secretary:

Ms Irene Fong Wei Wei

Assistant Honorary Secretary:

Ms Kalavathy d/o Suppiah

Honorary Treasurer:

Ms A Vani Aaliyah

Committee Members:

Ms Lee Soo Kwan

Ms Pixie Ho Pik Yew

Ms Brenda Lan Shu Mei

Ms Lee Mian Jun

Ms Juliana Tengara

Honorary Auditors:

Ms Bridget Choy Wai Fong

Mrs Tay Lang Ren Jee Renata

Co-Opt Members:

Ms Joy Gillian Quek

Ms Susan Merahwati Wijaya


Ms Lee Soo Kwan

2015 to 2017

Dr Lee Hoon Hwee

2010 to 2014

Mrs Wong Sooi Loon

(Mdm Yong Sooi Loon)

2008 to 2009

Mdm Pixie Ho Pik Yew

2005 to 2007

Mrs Wong Sooi Loon

(Mdm Yong Sooi Loon)

2002 to 2004

Ms Alice Chia

1993 to 2001

Assistant Honorary Treasurer:

Ms Hui Choon Wai

Mrs June Seow

1986 to 1992

Mrs Letticia Sim


Ms Alice Chia

1981 to 1983

Mrs Alice Tan

1979 to 1980

Mrs Alice Chua


Mrs Joyce Patel

1976 to 1977

Mrs Hui Shun Yun nee Yeung

1974 to 1975

Mrs Ismet Anwari

1972 to 1973

Mrs Majorie Chu

1969 to 1971

Mrs Franciska Ho


Mrs Anamah Kennedy

(now known as Mrs Anamah Tan)


Mrs Marjorie Chu

(Ms Marjorie Tsang)

1965 to 1966

Miss Ng Pow Chin


Mrs L. Emmanuel

1962 to 1963

Mrs L.T. Firbank


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