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St. Margaret’s Ex-Students’ Association (SMESA) is proud to be part of the rich heritage of the School. Almost 60 years on, we are equally proud to be still serving students, both former and current, of St Margaret’s Primary School and St Margaret’s Secondary School.

SMESA was founded by the following former ex-students:

Fam Yin Oi (Mrs Lee Siew Choh)
Gertrude Oh (Mrs Gertrude Song)
Nellie Ang (Mrs Evelyn Chan)
Esther Yong (Mrs Esther Lin)
Chan Wai Han (Mrs Grace Tong)

These members prepared the first Constitution sometime between 1946 and1949. SMESA held its Inaugural Meeting on 5th February 1949.  On 7th May 1949, it was exempted from registration with the Registry of Societies. It was only on 18th December 1961 that SMESA was formally registered.

About Us
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