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SMESA Speaker Series

About the event

Started in 2011, we invite ex-students to share their experiences and journey after leaving St Margaret’s, how the values they learnt in St Margaret’s have helped them meet life’s many challenges and shape their journey. Several ex-students have responded to our call to support the Speaker Series. Most of them felt that it was a meaningful way to lend support to their alma mater which had educated and nurtured them in their younger years.

2021 - Tan Zing Zing

2020 - Ong Soh Chin

2019 - Mary George

2018 - Jenny Chiam

2017 - Sara Liew

2016 - Wahyuni Hadi

2015 - Michelle Wong

2014 - Luisa Lee

2013 - Marjorie Chu

2011 - Anamah Tan

2011 - Chua Yen Ching

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