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St. Margaret’s Anniversary Celebrations

About the event

St Margaret’s School celebrates her Founder’s Day on 16 November. The celebrations bring together all members of the St Margaret’s Family for a time of reminiscing, bonding, fellowship and fun.

To commemorate the 178th anniversary during an unprecedented pandemic, SMESA together with SMPS, SMSS, PTA and PSG produced our first ever virtual concert entitled " One Family Unbroken" which was watched by more than 1000 around the globe.

St. Margaret’s 178th Anniversary 2020 – A virtual concert entitled “ One Family Unbroken” -

St. Margaret’s 177th Anniversary Lunch 2019 – “With a Grateful Heart”

St. Margaret’s 176th Anniversary Dinner 2018 – “Colors of Aspiration”

St. Margaret’s 175th Anniversary Dinner 2017 – “Glowing in His Glory”’

St. Margaret’s 174th Anniversary Dinner 2016 – “ Food, Fellowship, Fun”

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